The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Sending out lot’s of love to you all.  These are inspired by my mom – the marzipan dates are a Swiss tradition at our house.  These are so decadent and super easy to make.  No baking required.


Marzipan dates:

Medjool dates
Walnut halves

Make a cut thru one side of the date to remove the pit then add a piece of marzipan which has been rolled into a log shape to fit into the cut section of the date.  Finally add the walnut half on top and press into the marzipan lightly.  Voila!

Cashew nut butter and Coconut dates:

Medjool dates
Cashew nut butter (best when chilled)
Coconut flakes

Make a cut thru one side of the date to remove the pit then add a small spoon full of cashew nut butter (refrigerated cashew nut butter works best – if your nut butter is runny refrigerate dates after filling to let them set).  Finally dip the dates (cashew butter side down) into coconut flakes.  And there you have it!

You can play around with different combos of nut butters and ingredients – let me know what you come up with!



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